Since 1969, SAN has grown from a small partnership to a poineer in building design & construction involved in regional operations around the southern Indian sub continent with strong business links across the globe. SANís key personnel are actively involved in High-tech projects in south- East Asia.

SAN is placed in strategic position to provide high level, single source, full-service building & civil construction, architectural, planning, specialist designs for life sciences, biotechnology, engineering, project management, construction management and developer to a more vibrant Client base.

SAN is primarily the center of expertise in construction, architectural and engineering for the state-of-the-art facilities for vital disciplines.

SAN provides immediate, focused, and consist response to Clients in their projects. As a forerunner in the building industry, it has the technological know-how resources, and vision to support every Clientís dreams. Integrally combining the expertise to fulfill the Clients needs in achieving excellence & quality in all aspects of the Design & Construction is SANís objective.

Our Goal 3E's

Enhanced Management

Develop, Practice Effective Proven Management Methodologies

Efficient Design

Achieving efficiency in design and building resulting effective functional use in any built environment

Effective Cost

Value engineered construction cost achieving reduce operation cost built environment